Pancreatitis dog – Stewy loved it and the results were almost instantaneous!

The day before thanksgiving my dog Stewy was acting sick. He was listless and throwing up. I thought he had a cold or something. On Thanksgiving day he still wasn’t any better. I had a house full of people. Kids wanted a hay ride. I had a turkey to carve but later in the day I left the festivities and took Stu to the vet. I though he swallowed something and x-rays showed something fuzzy either exiting the small intestine or entering the large intestine. He got fluids and pain meds. Maybe whatever it was passed through?

The next day he was worse. He was by the door and lost his balance. His front paws crossed and he fell against the wall and slid down onto his side. I scooped him up and took him to the animal hospital. They kept him for a couple of overnights. Ultra sound revealed an inflamed pancreas and nothing in the intestines. He was suffering from acute pancreatitis. They discharged him after he was stabilized. They gave him back to me with pain-meds, apatite stimulants, pro-biotics, and kangaroo meat kibbles. With instructions, ‘low fat diet’. Okay, so it’s low fat cottage cheese, boiled rice, boiled chicken breast. An occasional can of food once in a while, in a pinch. He was on the mend but I could tell that he was still in pain. I didn’t need a psychic connection to know that. (I’ve had that before with a cat.)

Dr. Allecia Maine comes on as a guest on your show and says that BioSuperfood is the only thing found that helps with pancreatitis in dogs! I’ll buy that! I did the next day. I bought two bottle of F2K. They came right away and I immediately cracked open a capsule and mixed it in the the low fat cottage cheese and rice, with chicken. Stewy loved it and the results were almost instantaneous! Now it’s been 3 weeks of a capsule a day and he is a much happier dog. Much more relaxed and yet with much more vigor. Even his poops are better. They’re formed like little Tiparillo’s instead of the mucilaginous mess they’ve been for years.  I never wanted a dog but I was gifted this one and now I don’t know what I’d do without him.

Also, I gave one of those F2K bottles to my 92 year old mother. I have her taking a dropper full of colloidal silver, a dropper full of C-60 and now 2 caps of super food per day. She looks and acts great. I asked her how she is feeling or any changes since on BioSuperfood. She said, “Ya know, I always park my car far away when going into the food store. Then I get a wagon and push it into the store. Today there wasn’t any wagons around to push and I had to walk all the way there and my knees didn’t feel like they were going to give out.”

Anyway, God bless you and God bless Allecia and thank you both from the bottom of my heart.

– Carl Mauro, USA