Recovery of Guillain Barre Syndrome

” It was Easter weekend 2010 when several of my friends I got together for a daylong hiking excursion. As usual between some of us, a little competition takes over. The youngest in the group decides to take of running to get a good head start on us. I pursued him. In doing so I tripped over a root and landed on my ribs against a root. I cracked the two lowest ribs on my left side. I did finish the hike/race in great pain.

About 10 days later I developed a very short cold. It lasted at best 3 days and was over. That is common for me.  Approximately 2 weeks later I started developing weird stinging sensations on my legs and abdomen. It was just like getting stung by a bee but no whelp or redness just crazy pain. About the same time I develop increasing back pain directly center between both scapula’s. It was about a 6-inch square. The pain became so bad I would just rock back and forth. It felt like someone holding dry ice in the center of my back. I also had numbness in my feet and hands and greatly reduced energy and strength in my hands and legs.  My ability to workout became very difficult.  I knew when I had trouble climbing stairs I was in trouble.

All these symptoms began within a week of each other. I went to see an orthopedist because I thought it had to be spinal damage. Deep in my knowing I had thoughts of GBS but suppressed them. I just didn’t want to even consider that nightmare.  The orthopedist did an MRI and said no back damage but was highly specious that it was GBS. The following day I had a 9:00 PM appoint with a neurologist. After hours of testing he was 99% positive I had GBS. He said the positive news was I could breath and could still get around although I was loosing strength everyday.  He explained that most of the damage happened in the first 4 weeks and I was about 3 weeks into the attack from his calculations.

The next day my blood pressure plummeted and my heart rate became unstable. It was attacking my autonomic system, which controls my pulse rate and blood pressure. I was admitted to the ICU and spent 4 days there.  I was given 5 rounds of IVIG treatments which seemed to help slow the attack on my autonomic system.  It took several months for my heart rate and pulse to retune to normal. I would have spells where it would go a little crazy but then stabilize. As time went on the frequency of the intervals grew further apart.

I spent 8 days in the hospital. By the time I left I could no longer walk or use my hands and fingers.  The paralysis had worked its way up to my diaphragm and stopped before attacking it.  I could feel it tightening but not so much that I could not breath fully.  The sensation was like a tight belt around my lower ribs. Now it’s a waiting game to see how long the body is going to wait to begin repairing the damage. GBS is totally different for each person and the repair response can be shorter or longer.

I wasn’t going to wait on my body to decide when it was going to heal. I knew I had to do two things to make my body speed up the process. I had to push my body to heal. Our body responds to stresses we put on it. Our body adapts to the stresses of physical activity by increasing our fitness to meet the demand we have been creating.  To heal my nerves I knew I had to push firing them to get the body to recognize they were not working so it would see a need to fix them.  This was difficult and painful. I also knew I had to nurture my body with the best nutrients I could get to push my body to rebuild and repair the damage.  This process worked.

I was already using BAC F2 for daily maintenance. At the forefront of my recovery was BAC F3. It would help my body see the damage and provide nutrients vital for the brain and central nervous system (CNS) to begin to repair the damage to the myelin sheath. BSF is rich in thousands of different nutrient compounds necessary for nervous system health including essential sugars (glycoproteins), fatty acids, powerful antioxidants and B Vitamins necessary for the healing process.  BAC also repairs DNA/RNA, cellular wall membrane and much more. I slowly worked up to taking 12 per day.

I ate a very clean diet absent of inflammatory toxic chemicals but high in nutrient and antioxidant value. F3 woke up the glands in my body necessary to direct the healing process. F3 was like the Conductor leading a very complex orchestra of hormones, enzymes, immune compounds, and nutrients building, and repairing my peripheral nervous system.  It was amazing. I know my recovery would have been much slower and not as complete without F3.

I was back to walking without support within 5 months. My neurologist was very impressed with my progress.  It took me 3 years to get to about 80 to 90 percent recovery. Today I am 99% healed and a very active and healthy man. I regularly bicycle 100+ miles weekly. I have no health issues and I am on no medications of any kind.  I have minor residual tingling in my hands and feet and was left with some slight trembling in my hands. I consider myself blessed.

Thank you Roland for your guidance during this very difficult time.  After all of the many consultations we have had together regarding our clients, I never dreamed we would be applying our strategies for me. “

W.B. C.N.C., USA, Nutrition Health Coach