She is 84 and the trembling in her voice went away!

Hi,  I wanted to let you know about the great results my mother is having with the BAC F3. She is 84 and her voice has been trembling for a few years now, her head bobbing and she was starting to get very confused or angry about things she used to know how to do. She started taking one pill a day of F3 and stopped because she told me “they are very strong!” … a little more probing and I realized she was getting detox diarrhea from it. So upon your suggestion, I opened the capsules and prepared a 14 days supply of 1/2 capsule of F3 for her to take. She started taking those and continued on (with a little fear on her part) to taking a full capsule a day. Low and behold, the trembling in her voice went away! She is also in an overall better mood and is not getting confused anymore. I have had to explain to her that she is still way below the recommended minimum dosage and that it would be a good idea to increase the dosage. It’s been a slow process of lots of hints, suggestions and explanations so that she would understand why it would be a good idea! She is now realizing that she just might get her head shaking to stop (she doesn’t like to be like an old lady), have more energy and vitality, loose weight… I’ve had to explain to her that if you don’t change the oil in a car, it will soon stop running. Since we both know she won’t do any cleanses, taking the F3 pills is the next best option as it helps her body detoxify. I am finally getting through to her and now her latest was that she didn’t want to use to many for fear of running out… so I just bought a year’s supply! Beides, I wouldn’t want to run out myself, as I’ve had a lifelong history of depression, despite all the diet changes and emotional work I’ve done on myself. Depression and bipolar affect pretty much every member of my family. Taking the F3 is an easy way to feed my brain directly and keep it functioning. Thank you for a great product! With much love and gratitude,

tamaraTamara, New York, NY – May 2015