Shoulder pain down 95%

The stress has been very bad. I lost my wife three years ago, July 8th. We were married 46 ½ years. I have had a frozen shoulder for over six years. I got cortisone shots, chiropractors, and shock therapy. I went to Moorsville into the replacement hospital. The doctors said I had bone on bone and when it hurt bad enough I would be back.

He said I was just throwing away my money with BAC.

Well now, I am able to exercise every morning, and walk a mile every day. My energy is great. I went to a funeral and I got more comments. They said I sure look nice for 67 years old. The pain in my shoulder is 95% pain free. I take no drugs…only BAC.

I know since I have been on BAC Formula 2 and BAC Formula 3, that it has helped me a whole lot. I will continue to take BAC for as long as I live.

– Raymond Shaw, Greentown, Indiana – June 2004