Symptoms of autism: BAC is truly a miracle food

My son, aged 6, is not yet speaking. Doctors think he is on autism spectrum based on the autistic-like characteristics he presents. He had 10 single words by 18 months and then he made no gains at all in his speech. His other delays include difficulty in sensory modulation and regulation, both fine and gross motor delays, and lacking age-appropriate play and social skills. He is a very friendly child and loves to socialize but does not know how, until I started him on BAC.

He has been on F3 since December 2011 and in that short span of time his school staff and I have both seen some startling positive changes. He is making a lot of sounds and vocalizing throughout the day. He is more aware of his surroundings; he is initiating more interaction with his peers and staff; he has become very good in using his communication book with at least 30 pictures on a single page; his responses to directives and commands have become quicker; his comprehension has improved dramatically and can follow 2-3 step directions; he is very eager to learn new things and learns fast. Anytime he catches a cold it would turn into a lung infection in a matter of days, but now he had a cold and it did not affect his lungs and he was able to fight the cold; he would startle at least 3-4 times daily at the time of going into deeper sleep but not anymore. Not since he started bio-algae.

Overall, there is a big change in his personality and his socialization skills are also improving. He has gained weight and height and last May when he had his routine blood work he showed signs of thyroid problem. This April when he had his blood work done again his thyroid levels were within normal range. BAC is truly a miracle food and I am looking forward to seeing more improvements.

C.R., California – August 2012