Test results of her white blood cells were fine

We spoke on the phone a couple of times about my niece who is 20 with the large nodule on her thyroid gland. She is up to three pills going on four now. She started last May. She did get up to six in August. During the process she has had the runs, upset stomach and fevers so she had reduced to 2 per day. Lately as we began increasing again the capsules, because she felt ill she was concerned and went to the emergency room and the test results of her white blood cells were fine. He told her it was like her body didn’t know she was sick. She started increasing the pills again in October and November.

But here are the extraordinary results for her nodule change in size:
Results from ultrasound August 2009 thyroid nodule size 9X11X11
Results from ultrasound August 2010 thyroid nodule size 6X4X4

Her Endocrinologist said she had never seen such a change without using medication. Thank you for your help.

– Sheryl – November 2010