The pressure (glaucoma) in my right eye has dropped from 16 to 11

Dear Roland, I am now on my fourth bottle of the Bio-Algae and still taking nine capsules a day, as you advised.

The eye doctor checked the pressure for the glaucoma yesterday. I was most curious to see if there would be any difference since taking the BAC. The pressure in my right eye (which they have been unable to bring down for years) has dropped from 16 to 11. The left eye is even a bit lower!!

Even more strange: I noticed that the vision in my left eye had improved… I have a few blind spots from the glaucoma, and when I read the chart I find that every third letter in a line is a total blur. This time I was able to read many more letters.

I am really happy about it and now feel justified in spending that much every month! Thank you again so much for all your help and advice.


– Gail Gallagher – June 2007

UPDATE – July 2007

I am still very happy with the eye pressure with my Glaucoma. I might also mention that I think you may have discovered the Fountain of Youth! On my fourth or fifth bottle of supplements, I have noticed a remarkable improvement in my skin… especially on my hands which have been severely chapped ever since I was a child.