Tremors stopped

It’s now been 34 days that I take BAC and I can safely say that my general tremors have stopped. I have been mostly in bed for two years due to chronic lower spine (L5 / S1) pain. I get up to go to the bathroom. I have stopped taking my pain medication a week now and I feel fine. A friend unaware of my condition called me to ask that I pick up their car and pick them up at the airport. I felt daring enough and figured it would take me 30 minutes to ride my bike 3 miles to their home and car… It took me 20 minutes and I felt good. Thank you BAC.

– D. K., Hawaii – Februray 2006

UPDATE – May 2006

Before I started taking BAC, my PSA had jumped to 6.5 in December 2005. Last week I had new test results and it is now down to 5.1. Also, since I stay in bed a lot, I used to have problems with lactic acid when I bicycled for exercise. Now I don’t have that problem.