Tumor in the Lung

On January 15 2001, I began BAC with Dr. Kiriac after having been diagnosed with a large tumor in the center of my left lung. It was too large to operate. Chemotherapy would direct the poison to the blood stream. Here are excerpts of my report to Dr. Kiriac as of January 31 2001:

– Last night I did not feel like going to bed like last week. I felt “speedy”, “ready to go.” When bedtime came at 11:30 pm, I had to force myself to take the horizontal position (ha ha ha).
– I woke up a few times. I was looking forward to getting up. I felt new internal warmth.
– I feel better – I have less thoracic pains and more energy.

– Jean. B. (Male, 72) Laval, Quebec, Canada – January 2002

(Today Jean is well and lives in Italy!)