Type I Diabetes

My insulin intake has measurably decreased over the past 2 months as I have been taking the Bio-Algae Concentrates F3. Throughout 2002 my daily insulin usage has averaged 42 units, including a basal rate of 10-15 units of Lantus and the rest short acting Novolog. Since starting use of Bio-Algae Concentrates F3, my average has dropped to 34.1 over the past 90 days, measuring on July 1. The average is 34.1 for the past 60 days, 34.3 for the past 30 days, 31.2 for the past 14 days, and 27.4 units for the past 7 days. I have been eating lighter the past 10 days, which shows up as decreased insulin requirements. I also notice more consistent energy and need for about 1 hour less sleep compared to before I began using Bio-Algae Concentrates F3 in March.

– Jeff Myers, Loveland, CO – July 2003