Weight Loss – BAC is the core of my success

Hi Roland,  I wanted to update you on my health and weight loss. I wanted to tell you I just broke 200 lbs, on monday at 199.8.  I have lost 40 pounds in about eight months. I work out 1 hour a day, some jogging/walking and trampoline.

I added BAC formulas F3 to my regime of the F2 and it is really allowing me the energy and recovery I need. My diet is lots of organic salad greens, organic fuji apples, organic grass fed NON GMO MEATS/PROTEINS. I meditate and practice wing chung / ti chi for help in my blood pressure which has lowered since the weight loss.

However, my goal is 180 lbs. I have taken on this regimen as a regular way of life not just a diet. I feel fantastic and very athletic at 56yrs.  The Bio-Algae is the core of my success.

On another note. I started planting organic heirloom seed herbs and peppers several months ago. They are growing in small pots and getting bigger everyday. I am feeding them with one capsule of Bio-Algae twice a month and I noticed the colors and thickness of stock is mind blowing. They grow in spurts especially when I feed them the algae. I thought you might find this interesting experimenting with growing food.

Well, thanks again for your help. An a big thank you to you and Dr. Kiriac for BAC.

Peace, Gerard Martinez, USA, November 2014