Whoa Baby!!!  My total cholesterol is down

First good news:  I have been battling high cholesterol for years.  On and off statins, but could not tolerate them because of muscle aches.  So, for the past few years I have been taking Cholestoff Complete (plant sterols and stanols) which lowered it about 50 points but 50 points was not enough, so my doctor was trying to convince me to go on medication again.  If you recall, I and my cats started the BIOPREPARATION at the end of August.  I remained on the Cholestoff Complete and had my cholesterol tested on 7/27/20 and test results were 272 total read, LDL 161 and triglycerides 223.  After being on the BIOSUPERFOOD (BSF) along with Cholestoff for only two months, I was retested on October 27 and Whoa Baby!!!  My total cholesterol is 199, LDL 112 and triglycerides 145!  I wasn’t even eating or exercising very well!  The BSF is the big difference.  My doctor and I are so happy!  With the exception of LDL, I am at the high end of normal in my readings.  She wants the LDL to be below 100, so I am not far off and, of course, to improve the other numbers hopefully.  I cannot believe it.  You guys promote a wonderful product!  I am now taking four BSF at 4 capsules a day and am getting ready to place a new order.

  • V.R., USA – October 2020