X-ray revealed her foot bones to be normal

I need to give you this testimony. My daughter broke her foot and was in a cast for 10 weeks. She then was told to walk and put pressure on it. A week later it broke in another place just from walking. I became suspicious of her bones and had her get a bone density test. She was told she was at the beginning of osteoporosis and that the bones of the new break were not coming together and she would need an operation. So I put her on Bio-Algae Concentrates – 8 capsules a day as prescribed during the seminar that I attended when Dr. Kiriac was in Denver. Therefore, she has been taking Bio-Algae Concentrates for about two months. She went to the Doctor this past Thursday and the X-ray revealed her foot bones to be normal and shoots of calcium are being formed between the two bones that broke during the second break. This is really a miracle which I prayed for. Blessings,

– Carolena, Colorado – February 2005