Bionic eggs

Dear Roland,

The chickens are starting to lay eggs now. They are about 22-25 weeks old (some are a few weeks older than the others). We have 3 breeds of hens (total of 5 hens). One breed is not laying yet, another traditionally lays smaller eggs, and the last is a Rhode island Red who ironically is the smallest hen, but is laying the largest eggs.\





I thought you would enjoy these photos. The Shells of all eggs that we collect are the thickest I have ever seen. The yolks are a beautiful sunrise orange. The photos show the egg from our smallest hen compared to the store bought “large” Nest Fresh eggs!!!! Wow!!!

One photo depicts that we could not close the egg carton on the same side of the “bionic” egg! If you look real close you can see the brown egg through the hole.





Our chickens are also free range and appear very healthy (plush feather coat, etc.). Furthermore, the eggs are delicious.





– James & Irma Pacheco, Sedelia, Colorado – October 2004

Editor’s Note: James has been feeding Bio-Algae Concentrates to these chickens since their birth. He has not used antibiotics nor any growth hormones.