Boxer dog liver mass is gone, and prostate regained normal size!

We want to share some good news about Oracle our 12-year-old Boxer dog. Five weeks ago, our veterinarian had diagnosed a 1-inch mass between the liver and kidneys, as prostatic hypertrophy with a small mass inside the prostate. Yesterday we went for an echograph, and miracle! The liver mass is completely gone, and the prostate has regained its normal size.  The small prostate mass remains visible but has shrunk in size. Oracle had another mass the size of a quail egg on her paw.  Today the mass is still present, but it’s the size of a bean. The many fatty masses that he had on the abdomen and armpits are significantly reduced and Oracle no longer licks and scratches himself in those areas.  Though Oracle had been eating a raw diet, it was not doing the job, while introducing BAC is doing it. With BAC in his diet, our dog has great vitality, acts and appears younger.  We intend to continue feeding BAC to Oracle for his entire life.

We offer you our heartfelt gratitude for helping us seeing Oracle healthy again.

Sylvia and Alain.