Dog with bone marrow cancer: Back to normal and full of life

Do you recall me ordering the Bio-algae concentrates from you last Sept/Oct? It was for our dog, Charlie Brown, who was diagnosed with a rare form of terminal bone marrow cancer. The doctors said there was no hope for him; he was only hours away from dying at the time. Well, we gave him one of these pills as a last ditch effort (he could not drink or eat or even raise his head at this point), and over the next few days, he started to improve little by little. We didn’t expect anything at all, but it is now 8 months later and he is 100% back to normal and full of life!! The vets could not believe it and took a sample of the Bio-algae concentrates for analyses to see what may be in them, but they couldn’t find anything specific. They simply see it as a miraculous recovery that can’t be explained.

  • Lisa X, Texas, USA