Great cleansing

Hello Dr.Kiriac, I am a cat breeder and I wonder how much BAC to give my cats. I have been feeding them BAC for 10 days by placing one capsule per day for each of six feeders.

The cats have vomited, have lots of mucus discharge, diarrhea and loss of hair.

I have stopped and all came back to normal. Did I give them too much? Should I give then less periodically like half a capsule?

Dr. Kiriac responded that BAC can cause cleansing of the intestines and the lungs. He suggested that I give them each one half capsule per day.

After a few weeks, all is well, the cats have a superb coat and have stopped losing hair.

Thank you Dr. Kiriac.

Nicole Gourde, Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, Canada – September 2005