His fur really is growing *that* quickly. I’m amazed.

Hello Roland, … I’ll cut right to the point here! My cat has been given everything at different points in time for his health and maintaining his urinary tract health / urine pH etc. and nothing has worked, and BAC is the ONLY new product he’s had, I have to credit the BAC for this improvement.

For a year and a half now since he came down with the urinary blockage / FLUTD, he’s had bare patches on his arms (I thought originally that it was just slow to grow back where they shaved his arms for IV’s!) and also lost a patch of fur near his right hip; and a couple teeny patches on the back of his rear feet / hocks. Well for the past 2 weeks I have given him the tiniest sprinkle of BAC powder from a capsule into his raw food meals – I’ll estimate about every other day and not more often than that ! and his fur is swiftly filling in the bare patch on his side and the area inside his arms.

Even now, I am having a hard time believing his fur is growing this quickly from the BAC and I am trying to convince myself there’s a combination of things going on because he’s been on parasite remedies, increased taurine for just slightly longer – maybe 3 to 4 weeks. But when I think more on this, say for example just the day before yesterday I was examining that bare patch on his side and saying “Is it my imagination or is this really filling in! I think it’s filling in!” While today I’m even more in shock that I can barely tell where there was fur loss. So truly his fur really is growing *that* quickly. I’m amazed. And, I had not even thought to look at his arms until two nights ago. I tried to look and I thought they looked like they were growing fur but he was trying to eat 😉 and I gave up trying to lift his arms. So I just looked now and you wouldn’t know up until recently that he appeared to have shaved inner front legs. He’s got probably most of his fur back on his arms. I’m truly amazed.

A side note – my most finicky dog actually likes the BAC powder, as evidence last night I was watching her eat and she actually licked the residual off the plate after finishing her chicken (raw). She has avoided every other nutritional product she’s ever had, so that is truly encouraging.

I’m glad you are promoting this super nutritional product – it’s fantastic. I did read the booklet sent along with the bottle about its development and am so grateful for Dr. Kiriac’s perseverance throughout the development process. And finally, I so very much thank and appreciate Lita at P4H for her constant studies and research which led her to your informative website on BAC, and for sharing her links with me when she finds wonderful products.

Warmest regards,

– Laura Gordon, pilingergraphics.com