One more happy animal story.

I must admit, I was a bit of a skeptic. I had accepted that my dog has a terminal illness and that there is no miracle cure. (Four years ago, I lost a dog to lymphoma 10 weeks following diagnosis).

Although my dog has been in remission since 12/21, she has had chronic allergies/itching skin causing sores that sometimes became infected. She has also had elevated liver enzymes and has been on Denamarin since January.

I decided to try F3 – figured can’t hurt; may help; she has been on 3 capsules/day for 3 weeks. Today was her follow-up appointment with the vet and I am happy to report that she has NO swollen lymph nodes; her skin is in the best condition in years and her CBC and blood chemistry levels were all normal except for her liver enzymes which are still elevated. Her ALT level today was 165 (we want it below 100 BUT it was 497 in May!)

The only thing I have done differently was to add the F3 to her diet. I truly believe BAC has made the different & tonight, I just ordered 180 capsules. Thank you for all your advice.

Nancy Warren