The Lyne and Alain Forget Dairy Farm

The Lyne and Alain Forget Dairy Farm

Lyne and Alain Forget have a large dairy farm in Laval, Quebec. Their farm produces some of the highest quality milk in Canada. They accepted to trial BAC on their farm in January, 2006. This trial is an ongoing preliminary step towards a formal presentation to the Canadian Agricultural agency.

Read next the summary of results of the last six months as reported by Alain Forget. Updates will be presented as they become available.

For six months now, The Alain Forget Dairy Farm of Laval has been participating in a research project consisting of administering a special blend of algae to the dairy cows. Find here a synopsis of the farm’s results after 6 months trial.

We have a farm averaging 40kg of Butter Fat per day. We keep our cows free range and feed them the Total Mix Ration (TMR). The 20 cows involved in the trials are pure breed Holstein. Their average production before the start of the trial was 10,039kg of milk per cow with a Breed Class Average (BCA) of 226 M, 219 Fat, 223 Proteins and somatic cells count (SCC) averaging 84,000 for the previous 12 months.

After six months of trial with BAC their productivity averages have shifted to 10,565kg of milk per cow with a BCA of 248 M, 242 Fat, 236 Proteins and a somatic cells count averaging 70,000 for the six months period.

In summary the milk quality and improvement numbers are :

Production Milk Fat Protein SCC
Pre-trial 10,039kg 226 219 223 84,000
Post Trial 10,565kg 248 242 236 70,000
Differences +526kg +22 +23 +13 -14,000
Improvement 10.5% 10.8% 11.5% 10.6% 8.33%


We have also noted signs of better health of the herd and a better emptying of the udder from milking. Previously with these cows in the trial and currently with the cows not involved in the trial, the udder will remain somewhat hard after milking while on the cows using BAC the udder is nice and soft.

These results represent only six months of trial feeding BAC to the cows. I have learned that there is never smoke without fire. I believe that the use of BAC increases the health of the cow’s udder, its total health and the health of the herd.

Lyne and Alain Forget

Owners, Lyne and Alain Forget Dairy Farm

Quebec, Canada