Are there any probiotics in BAC?

There are no probiotics in BAC, but when consuming BAC, instead of allopathically supplementing probiotics for life, your natural intestinal bacterial balance will be restored along with many other vital health metabolisms.

Bacteria are naturally available in our intestinal tracks by the trillions. There are more bacteria in our guts then cells in our body.

Poor foods, environmental toxins, and stress conspire to acidify the body bathing it in damaging free radicals. The ratio of friendly to bad bacteria in our digestive tracks is typically 85% / 15%, while in America this ratio is reversed to 15% / 85%, setting the stage for exhaustion, acidity, chronic pain, rapid aging and a host of degenerative diseases.

Probiotics are dietary supplements containing potentially beneficial bacteria or yeasts. According to the currently adopted definition by FAO/WHO, probiotics are: “Live microorganisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host”.

However, this definition does not tell you that there are many natural ways to maintain or regain your own intestinal beneficial microorganisms, as opposed to supplementing for life, nor of any other natural sources to replenish them. The issue with taking probiotics is that you do not resolve the problem, you simply patch the symptoms for a while.

The smarter way to return the critical pH balance is to stop overeating, change the diet, stop consuming junk food, sugar, alcohol, cigarettes, etc., and to add fresh fruits and vegetables, exercise, and make other good life style changes.

When using BAC, you support the body’s return to intestinal vitality in a natural and holistic way. BAC stimulates the pancreas to efficiently alkalize the digestive system, which promotes the return of a healthy intestinal flora and bacterial balance. Instead of just “patching” the symptoms, BAC via efficient cellular nutrition invigorates and tones the entire digestion in a gentle, and even pleasant way.

With the return of the critical pH balance comes: reduction of pain; regeneration of the intestinal lining, allowing it to hold more water and less salt; removal of carcinogenic buildup of old matter; vitality of both extremes of bowel activity; and soon there is restored micro bacterial flora of your digestive tracks.

Processed foods and antibiotics deplete the friendly microbes necessary for healthy intestinal function. BAC rapidly restores beneficial flora so food, nutrients and supplements are more completely digested and assimilated.

With regular use of BAC, efficient detoxification takes place and the pancreas and the liver are cleansed, nourished, and stimulated to regenerate and fully perform their critical functions.