Can BAC help with epilepsy?

The greatest “value added” by BAC is its direct influence on the hypothalamus / pituitary relationship. This glandular cortex is responsible for all metabolic activities in our body. When this life-critical cortex is properly nourished and energized it holds the power to command the body metabolisms back to balance and health via a myriad of hormones and peptides. For example, one important metabolism is the nutrients to energy conversion (Krebbs cycle/ATP) for which the balance in salt/sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium is critical. This electrical and atomic energy generation occurs unceasingly in each mitochondria of every trillion cells of our body including those at the root of epileptic seizures.

We have witness many successes with BAC and epilepsy in children and adults of all ages. BAC has no known medical contraindications as it is a food, it is non-toxic and it has no negative side effects.