Does the process of freeze drying the algae lead to a loss of nutritional value?

I was listening to a presentation about phytoplankton and it was claimed that the freeze drying process leads to a major loss of the nutritional properties and that a liquid form was far superior than capsules. Do you have any info on this topic?

One has to be smart about this. Some marketers will say things to promote their products right? But in regards to phytoplankton or algae, the optimal way to obtain their nutrition would be to eat them when they are raw and ripe, and straight out of their natural habitat. But the reality is different. Here are a few things to think about.

  1. Was it a marketer or a scientist that said that?
  2. Did they know or specify which freeze drying technique they were talking about? How can they make such a claim when we know that even just freezing food is an excellent way to preserve it? Even embryo cells can be freeze dried.
  3. Then one has to ask the more important questions such as where are these phytoplankton grown? All waters up to the Arctic Ocean are now polluted with thousands of new chemicals.
  4. One HAS to demand to see the empirical non-biased, independent and non-placebo influenced research about a product. You have to be smart and look under the hood… you cannot simply trust a good sales pitch.
  5. Dr. Kiriac is likely the world leading authority on algae technology. In 1985, he was already supervising five USSR bio-reactors that produced more algae than any other company in the world.
  6. After 12 years of working with thousands of humans and animals and hundreds of clinics and professionals here in America, Dr. Kiriac has witnessed countless extraordinary results. He has conducted several trials with animals in the USA and Canada and obtained Kirlian photography (see the testimonial and image below) that showed the exploding energy and magnitude of the reflecting light of BAC. We are 100% certain that its life force, its photosynthetic charge, is preserved.
  7. Our product analysis and its various ORAC, HORAC and SOD test results are extraordinary. These results come from Brunswick Labs and an independent New Jersey lab.

Impressed with its energy

…Here are the Kirlian pictures of the Bio-Algae Concentrates. Frankly, I’m impressed with its energy…

k5Kirlian photography is a high voltage, contact print photography. Sheet film is placed on top of a metal plate, and then an object to photograph is placed on top of the film. High voltage is applied to the plate momentarily to make an exposure. The corona discharge between the object and high voltage plate is recorded onto the film. When the film is developed you have a Kirlian photograph of the object.

– Jason M., Utah – January 2004