Is there too much iodine in BAC?

I have a thyroid problem and I am told to avoid algae due to its high iodine content. Is there too much iodine in BAC?

There is a great lack of knowledge about algae, which leads to rumors, misconceptions and fear. It is true that some macro-algae like kelp, also called sea vegetable, contain high levels of iodine. And because of this, people throw everything about algae in the same “algae” bucket. This is quite unfortunate as some algae and particularly the blend of algae as it occurs in BAC can be beneficial to resolve many health problems.

And let us not forget that iodine is a required nutrient for humans. Besides sea vegetables, there are many other sources of iodine that we consume daily, for example; fish, yogurt, cow’s milk, eggs, strawberries and mozzarella cheese amongst other.

As far as iodine versus algae goes, the reality is that of more than 65,000 known algae, most do not contain high levels of iodine.

The iodine content of BAC amounts to ZERO toxicity potential, and there are no known contra indications with medications or other foods or supplements. On the contrary, expect positive health support from adding BAC to your diet.