Will BAC increase stem cell growth?

Note the total question was: “Yesterday somebody shared with me information about a product that claims to increase stem cells by 25%-30%. Do you know if BAC would increase stem cell output to any extent like this product? How many of the BAC do you think it would take to increase it this much?”

Let me give you my frank opinion on this currently popular topic.

1) Nobody has a patent on enhancing stem cells; a good diet, exercise, yoga, meditation and even prayer will increase stem cell production in the same manner that a good run will increase hormone production, energy and cellular metabolism – stem cells are continually being born in the process of life even when sleeping or plain doing nothing.

2) Treating stem cell stimulation as a separate event from the total biochemical human metabolism is yet another alopathic false approach – one should always work holistically with human health. Stem cell enhancement is a current “hot” topic, just like vitamin C used to be and acai berries just a few years ago. I call stem cell stimulation and other modern allopathic concepts such as these “single deficiency theories”. And by the way, most “hot” new products nowadays are often offered by MLM (Multi Level Networking) companies.

3) Often, biased clinical tests can be easily reproduced with a simple change in diet (as in introducing fruits and vegetables) and shown to deliver similar results – while real research is when you work with thousands of people or even better, with animals first because there is no placebo effect. Also, true research is done by an independent body and not hired by the MLM company.

4) One current product on the market consists of an extract of mostly the beta carotene portion of the AFA (a plain blue-green alga) with little else in the product. In essence it is a megadose of beta carotene, and in my natural book, that becomes a separate/isolate; a chemical product rather then a natural whole biochemical one. It is a choice in life to use bio-chemical (live food – let thy food be thy medicine) versus chemical (chemist model – pharmaceutical) approach. There is recent research that clearly shows megadoses of beta carotene contributing to colon cancers instead of protecting from it (if you are interested I can dig it out for you).

Before committing to any product, you should look for real, substantial and unbiased research.

BAC will stimulate not only stem cell metabolism, but all metabolisms of life. BAC will protect you from the negative effects of a megadose of beta carotene (which tends to cause imbalances). I suggest that 6 to 9 capsules per day will significantly increase your total cellular and metabolic regeneration potential.

In ending, let me point out that when 20 different animal species were fed BAC, there was general overall productivity increase averaging 20%. It is smarter to stimulate the producer glands of the brain rather than supplement one specific deficiency or metabolism. You will soon be taking hundreds of supplements if you fall for each allopathic theory.