Cat recovered to full health

One of my cats, Angel, was not doing well, spitting up saliva, not eating and only drinking a little. So glad that I had the BAC F3 handy. She was listless, sleeping a lot with very little activity. She’s young at 3 years old.  I had a company come out & spray for bugs with marigold oil. Maybe she licked it or ate a bug with it on it. Angel wasn’t interested in food or water for 3-4 days, getting weaker. I tapped a small dose (1/4 capsule) of F3 in her mouth & squirted a few eyedroppers of algae water. I did this 2-3x/day for a week. She recovered back to full health, no longer listless. Thank goodness for the algae!  BAC F3 allowed her body to naturally heal. Glad I knew about & had the algae to avoid a vet bill and the possible loss of my cat! I got BAC F3 for my oldest cat at 18 who stayed active for 2 more yrs. She lived fully healthy to 20+!

Dawn Doucet, Brighton, CO, USA 2014