She’s staying on F3+ no matter what!

As mentioned above, our Pug, Rainy Day, began having trouble with her hind legs almost 2 years ago. The vet surmised that it may be a spinal tumor. It was getting to the point where we had to carry her up/down steps and her hind legs would completely give out. We put her on the BAC F3+ and in about 1 month we saw improvement. She was balancing better and was able to use the steps on her own. We had to stop giving it to her for a while (financial reasons) and the legs got worse. She’s now back on the F3+ and the legs are getting stronger. She’s STAYING on F3+ no matter what! We feel it’s keepng that tumor at bay and feeding her body what it needs to stay strong and healthy.

Ron H., PA, USA 2014