IMHA – BAC saved our dog’s life!

Hi, I just wanted to follow up with you on what is happening with Bentley. When I first spoke with you, we were in a severe state of desperation. He was dropping weight, had no strength and would not eat. The prednisone dosage was causing atrophy in all of his muscles. It’s been almost a full month since he started on the BAC F2+ and the difference in him is night and day. We are giving him two tablets/day and have reduced his prednisone dosage to once…/day.  We are also giving him 1/2 tablet of a blood strengthening supplement 2x/day.

He is eating regularly, he has way more energy and he is even sassing at his brothers again. The gums on his left are a full, bright pink again and the right side is steadily catching up to the left.  We have not taken him back to the Vet to do a blood test but when we do, I will be shocked if we do not see an increase in his hemolytic counts.  I don’t think they will ever be in the 30’s, but they do not need to be as long as he continues to show the progress he has.

I can honestly say that this product saved our dog’s life! Without it, we would have had a very sad holiday season. Thank you for guidance on the correct product for him. I just ordered another 3 bottle supply. —M.H.