Can BAC be taken in lieu of Aspirin for headaches or Pepto Bismol for acid burn?

There is no doubt that taking a Pepto Bismol will ease stomach burns, or other temporary discomforts of the gastrointestinal tracts and chances are good that taking an aspirin will alleviate a headache.

With this approach, you may alleviate your headache or acid burn, but it is important to know that these drugs will carry negative effects as well. Aspirin taken frequently will cause liver damage depending on your diet and other factors; forcing your pH to change with Pepto Bismol will leave your pancreas even more lazy.

So the smart question is “Are you resolving the cause of the problem?”

When there are frequent digestive problems, or headaches, rest assured that there are bigger metabolic issues that need to be addressed.

Now with the direct answer.

Though it is not the intended way to use BAC, as a short term solution, taking a capsule of BAC and a couple glasses of water will alleviate the headache and often the stomach burn too. By the way, water alone may alleviate these symptoms.

Understand that the way BAC alleviates these symptoms is vastly different then the way aspirin or Pepto Bismol do so. The nutrients in BAC are assimilated and delivered to the cells of the body within 15 minutes of ingestion with resulting nutritional influences on the brain glands in charge of all metabolic activities, including producing alkalizing liquid via the pancreas, and regulation of the heart rate and vascular flows.

But the best way to use BAC is as a regular part of your diet in your quest for health, and avoidance of not just headaches and acid burn, but also the myriad of other potential health problems.

To reduce or avoid headaches and acid burn or more serious health problems, maintain an overall preventative discipline with:

reduced quantity of food
increased quality of food
regular exercise to increase vitality and prevent disease
maintained flexibility of the vertebral column