I am not getting the spectacular results that your testimonials profess. What can I do?

There could be many reasons why you have not noticed any results. Listed below are the two most important and easy ways to get the most out of taking Bio-Algae Concentrates. These suggestions come from research done with BAC and from our nutritional experience with the products.

1. Take the capsules on a regular basis—Just like eating fruits and vegetables once in awhile won’t make you healthy, taking BAC just when you have symptoms or whenever you remember will only produce marginal results. It is important to take BAC on a regular basis and even when you feel well, since BAC is preventative healthcare.

2. Spread out the total daily amount—research has shown better results are obtained by spreading out the total daily amount evenly in many smaller amounts rather than 1-2 daily amounts. In other words, two 3-capsule amounts is better than one 6-capsule amount, three 2-capsule amounts is even better and six 1-capsule amounts per day is best. In extreme cases, clients have taken twelve ½-capsule amounts per day. One can get more benefits and not have to take more capsules.