I have been taking BAC for a month or two and haven’t noticed any results so should I stop taking it?

Studies show that it generally takes at least 90 days for any permanent change in the body to take effect. This includes results from changing personal habits, quitting smoking, dieting, exercising, taking natural supplements, and other changes. When taking our algae, some people notice dramatic changes within the first week, while others notice gradual changes over time. Healthy people may notice more subtle positive changes such as more energy, better concentration capabilities and improved digestion while others may notice a general feeling of wellness. Since these changes can be very subtle, we recommend keeping a health diary for 90 days to see if you notice any improvements.

In addition, taking BAC is not like taking medicine… taking BAC is like changing the oil in your car—preventive maintenance. If your doctor told you to eat more fruits and vegetables, would you stop if you did not see a dramatic improvement in your health?

However, Bio-Algae Concentrates are better than fruits and vegetables since they are not only a whole food but also are a highly concentrated superfood delivering much more nutrients, antioxidants, etc. per gram when compared to other foods. Dr. Michael Kiriac, states that “one jar of microalgae concentrate equals 12 truckloads of alfalfa”. Therefore, the benefits from taking this concentrated product cannot be equaled by simply eating a healthy diet or taking normal supplements.