Is COQ10 (Coenzyme Q10) available in BAC?

Let me give you a short and a long answer.

The short answer – All live foods contain one form or another of Coenzyme Q-l to Coenzyme Q-10¹. This compound is so ubiquitous that it was first named ubiquinone (Idebenone as synthetic COQ10). Humans require COQ10. Our body can even make COQ10 out of the other coenzymes Q-1 to Q-9, or we can absorb it from our food. Bio-Algae Concentrates contain not only all CoQ’s, but they contain an extraordinary amount of naturally occurring enzymes and coenzymes; totalling more than 4,000. No other food on earth contains as many enzymes as some microalgae, and none contains as many as BAC. But even better then relying on one source to get your COQ10 is to eat a variety of fresh whole foods. Also remember that when you consume BAC, your assimilation, absorption and utilization of nutrients (like COQ10) are awakened. That is the way nature meant it.

The long answer – COQ10 is currently a star in the supplementation industry just like Vitamin C was a star in the 40’s, licopene in the 90’s, etc. The reason is that it is a critical nutrient that becomes depleted as we age. But so do hundreds of other critical nutrients! If you followed this palliative model (one supplement for each ailment) you would soon be taking hundreds and eventually thousands of supplements as scientists continue to identify and elevate them to stardom until the next one is discovered. Based on this model, why not take a supplement for each coenzyme or enzyme (of which there are thousands) and for that matter for each known nutrient? The vitamin industry is already enjoying billions of dollars of profit every year from this model.

The first solution to the deficiency theory is to start eating fresh whole and organic foods. As mentioned earlier, enzymes and coenzymes are metabolized in our body as well as supplemented from fresh and whole foods. BAC serves this approach 100% in that it is a whole food that contains thousands of food enzymes. But more importantly, BAC also contains the full spectrum of human active proteins and essential and non-essential amino acids that support the body in synthesizing even more proteins, enzymes and co-enzymes.

The proteins and amino acids in BAC are disassembled in our stomach and duodenum by our protease digestive enzymes and then assimilated and absorbed by our cells. Subsequently, based on our body’s needs, each of our more then 60 trillion cells have the potential to synthesize from these absorbed and available amino acids more than one hundred thousand different types of proteins, enzymes and co-enzymes² including COQ10 as explained above.

Finally, remember that BAC “awakens the genius within”. When you consume BAC all metabolisms are stimulated including absorption of nutrients from food, usage of nutrients and synthesis of co-nutrients within the cells.
1 – Dr. Karl Folkers of the University of Texas at Austin – “Father” of CoQ in the United States
2 – Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton, PhD.