Is there any antioxidant glutathione in BAC?

I assume here that this question is inspired by the glutathione deficiency theory and those that have a supplement just for it. This theory proposes that “by providing a supplemental megadose of the amino acid cysteine from pharmaceutical-grade milk serum protein isolates, this will allow cells to synthesize and replenish their glutathione stores”.

What is not shared with this theory are other relevant facts. For example, many other foods or lifestyle changes will stimulate glutathione production; a simple jog and a good meal will stimulate glutathione production, as will meditation and a good salad. No one stimulant can take credit for natural human metabolisms.

Glutathione is produced in the human liver and plays a key role in intermediary metabolism, immune response and health, though many of its mechanisms and behavior await further understanding. It is also known as gamma-Glutamylcysteineglycine and GHS. It is a small protein composed of three amino acids: cysteine, glutamic acid and glyceine. Glutathione is found in two forms; a monomer that is a single molecule of the protein, and a dimer that is two of the single molecules joined together. The monomer is sometimes called reduced glutathione, while the dimmer is also called oxidized glutathione. The monomer is the active form of glutathione. Oxidized glutathione is broken down to the single molecule by an enzyme called glutathione reductase.

In response to the deficiency theory; a typical capsule of BAC is comprised of ~50% amino-acids including all known amino-acids, including cysteine. More importantly BAC is a holistic approach “aimed at the whole being” (BAC nourishes all the cells of the body) rather then a palliative approach “aimed at the symptom/deficiency” (cysteine stimulates glutathione). BAC nourishes/stimulates efficiently all the cells of the body including those of the brain glands which in turn increase all metabolisms of health in the body including the production of glutathione at the cellular level.

In ending, let me point out that when BAC is fed to dairy cows (and other species) it allows them to reduce their daily protein (amino acid) intake by 1.25lbs while increasing productivity by ~20%. That is due to better protein uptake and more importantly better protein synthesis and utilization at the cellular level.

You would soon be taking hundreds of supplements if you fell for each deficiency theory. It is smarter to stimulate the producer glands of the brain rather then supplement all the deficiencies of the body.